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The importance of entrepreneurship in social –economic development of society

Received: 18 December 2020
Revised: 24 January 2021
Accepted: 15 February 2021

Saba Kazazi Majd Abadi, Keyvan Loloei

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Without a doubt, entrepreneurship has a very important role in economic and sustainable development of all societies. So that today it is considered as one of the parameters of development in developing countries. Entrepreneurship is the most important source of innovation, job creation and development. One of the factors that are raised as the source of economic development is the presence of entrepreneurs with some factors like innovation and creativity. The expansion of entrepreneurial spirit and training entrepreneurs in society has a favorable effect on social-economic development, because entrepreneurs cause the improvement of manufacturing and service firms’ performance by using economic facilities and creating new business opportunities. Thus, in the present study, first some definitions of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs will be presented in order to study the necessity of entrepreneurship in social- economic development. Finally, a conclusion will be made from the present study.

Keywords: entrepreneurship, economic development, social development.


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