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The Effect of Endurance Exercise on High-Sensitivity C - ReactiveProtein in Serum of Inactive Allergic Asthma Participants

Received: 19 Aug 2022
Revised: 26 Sep 2022
Accepted: 18 Oct 2022

Daniel Tarmast (PhD)

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of endurance training on serum CRP (C-reactive protein) levels in adult asthma patients. For this purpose, pre and post aerobic training (3 times-weekly/ 3 months) blood samples were taken after overnight fast in 32 adult men with asthma patients that wasrandomly divided to exercise and control groups. Anthropometrical indexes were also monitored in two occasions. All data changes were compared by t - tests. At baseline, there were no differences in the serum CRP, body weight and other anthropometrical indexes between the two groups. Compared to pre-training, the CRP levels decreased significantly after aerobic training in the exercise group but not in the control subjects. We observed a significant decrease in all anthropometrical indexes in exercise group. All paper remained without any changes in the control group. Thus, we conclude that the endurance exercise activity improves systemic inflammation in asthma patients.


Keywords: Asthma Patients, Endurance Exercise, High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein.


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