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The Effects of Motion Info graphics on Reading Comprehension of Iranian EFL learners

Received: Jun 2022     Revised: Sep 2022     Accepted: Nov 2022

Mohammad Ali Karami, Behnam Hashemi

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Improving reading knowledge has always been an important concern to EFL learners, so far much attempt, devoted to improve reading knowledge in various methods. Nowadays, it is time to forget the stereotypical methods of reading learning which rarely engage the readers  mind in the learning process and focus their attention on utilizing multimedia and visualizations in form of infographics in reading learning. The present study was designed to investigate the effect of using motion infographics on reading comprehension of Iranian EFL learners. Motion infographics are graphic visual representations of information, intended to present information quickly and clearly. This study carried out in the course of study at university level in order to achieve the purpose of the study of the probable significance of the effect of authentic materials over simplified materials and its effect on learners  reading comprehension. Accordingly, 60 learners, between 18 and 28 years old (Mage = 23), randomly selected from a larger group of 88 EFL learners based on their performance on Oxford Placement Test (OPT), attending Kish institute in Tehran, Iran. The selected participants assigned into two groups (control group and experimental group). The EFL learners in the experimental group had motion infographics as their treatment, wherease the EFL learners in the control group continued to learn the material through a conventional method. Both groups took a 40 reading items on a mock IELTS test in pre-and post-test. The T-test statistical procedure applied to the data and the result of the analysis showed that the experimental group significantly outperformed the control group in the reading comprehension. The results of this study can help all those who are engaged in language teaching and learning process to possess a better perspective into developing efficient instructions.
Keywords: Motion, Infographics, Reading comprehension, Authentic Audio material



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